USA Virtual Address

Couple open box

A USA virtual address functions similarly to a PO Box. With USAOPEN, each member is given a unique address that will allow common carriers to deliver to your address. Your unique address will look and function much like any other address in the United States. When you make purchases you can use your new USA virtual address and USAOPEN will receive your package and place it in your online inventory. You are then able to review your inventory, pay for shipping, and receive your packages at your residence or business outside of the United States.

Shop Anywhere in the United States

Not every company in the United States offers international shipping. A USA virtual address will allow you the convenience of shopping online at any United States retailer. You can add your new shipping information and receive parcels no matter where you are in the world. When your form of payment isn’t accepted, you can add your new USA virtual address to your credit card and have an accepted address on your form of payment.

Packaging Services

Once you receive your USA virtual address you can start enjoying our amazing packaging services:

  • Package Storage – We will store your packages for up to 30 days with a Standard membership and 90 days with a Premium membership.
  • Return to Sender – We will return your package to the sender at your convenience.
  • Discounts – With a Premium membership you can receive shipping discounts of up to 40%.
  • Speedy Shipping – We will ship your items within 24 hours of request.

Other services include U.S. domestic shipping, package consolidation, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our mail and package services.

Mail and Package Forwarding

With a USA Virtual Address with USAOPEN you can receive the benefits of mail and package forwarding. We will inspect your deliveries and review your mail, remove unsolicited mail, provide you with detailed notifications, and provide you with a tracking number for your packages so you can see their shipping progress. With a Standard or Premium Membership you will also receive the lowest carrier shipping rates, excellent insurance options, and can even forward your parcels to multiple addresses.



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