Savvy Shoppers Turning To Slick Deals

The inside scoop. We all want it–especially when shopping online. We want to know when we’re getting a great deal, or when to avoid a product that has disappointed other customers. That’s precisely what online retailer Slick Deals is all about and it’s getting the attention of more than 10 million savvy shoppers every month.

The popular retailer is an online community where members share deals and coupons  across a variety of products and stores. Then, editors review and curate the deals to showcase the top tier deals based on community votes and feedback. For example, a Lauren Ralph Lauren Color Down Alternative Cotton Comforter from Macy’s is offered for a steep sale price of $36 (down from $180). You can then see comments from other users on this product, retailer, deal, etc. to get the most information to help you make a purchase decision.

We all want great deals on hot products, but we also want to feel good about our purchases. Slick Deals is a great way shoppers can feel more confident about how and where they spend their money to be sure they really are getting the best deals out there.


Gilt – In Fashion & On Budget



What could be more fun than keeping up with fashion trends? How about keeping up with fashion trends on a budget? It may sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what online retailer Gilt Groupe is offering millions of happy shoppers.

Online retail shopping has exploded over the past decade and is now a multi-billion dollar industry. But while online shopping provides a convenience factor, it doesn’t always provide the highest quality items at an affordable price. Enter Gilt Groupe. Founded in 2007, the online retailer offers members-only shopping on designer clothing and accessories. Here’s how it works: members receive access to daily sales of up to 70% off on designer items. For example, a Carolina Herrera silk gown, originally priced at $8,990, is offered on Gilt for a fraction of the cost at just $2,299. Or a Cuisinart cookware set originally priced at $380, offered for just under $100.

While the steep discounts are impressive, what really sets Gilt apart from other discount stores are the “flash sales” which provide members with exclusive deals that the general public doesn’t have access to. In a 2013 article in Smart CEO Magazine, Gilt CEO Michelle Peluso pointed out that the company also aims to provide value to consumers, saying, “Value could mean 60 percent off the retail price, but it also could mean the first time a shopper is going to see a particular new collection or it could be exclusive colors or cuts designed just for Gilt.”

Gilt members can also purchase items via Facebook and mobile devices, making it easier for customers to nab deals on the go. What’s more, while the exclusive deals are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, members can add sold out items to a waitlist and are notified as soon as the item is available in stock again.
With more than 6 million members today, it’s no wonder that Gilt Groupe has stolen the hearts of shoppers (and bargain hunters) everywhere.

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Sears Upholds A High Standard for Service and Savings


You know you can count on a company when they’ve been around for more than 100 years. That’s how shoppers feel about Sears—great customer service, quality products and, most importantly, great prices have kept the department store booming for decades. But even though the company has been around a long time, it is still rolling out new, exciting ways for customers to get the greatest deals on the products they want.

We live in a world that loves instant gratification. When we want something, we want it right now. To meet that evolving need, Sears created a free store pick-up option for many of their products. Customers can order a product online, then swing by their local Sears to take it home. If you’re really in a hurry, you can even stay in your car and they’ll bring it right to you! To be sure you know they’re serious about saving time, if your order isn’t delivered within five minutes or less, you get a $5 coupon.

While the convenience offered is exceptional, customers also flock to Sears for their great deals. Daily “top coupons” are offered for online purchases, like 20% off two or more pairs of shoes forsears-fall-new-styles the family. Plus, Sears has a special Deal Heist site dedicated to daily deals on storewide products. While there’s no telling what deals will be offered each day, you can count on them being some of the best bargains around. For example, the site offers $200 off a KitchenAid KDTM354DSS 24” Built-In 6-Cycle Dishwasher. Since the deals are storewide, they aren’t limited to appliance. Customers can get the biggest savings on all products, like 55% off a Lenovo ThinkPad Intel Core2 Duo 2GB 160 Wireless Laptop Computer.

As if that’s not enough, Sears also offers the Shop Your Way loyalty program to give back to loyal customers. The program is free and offers weekly member deals, points with each purchase and exclusive member sales. Plus, members enjoy early access to local ads so they can be the first to take advantage of deals at stores in their area.

From quick pick-ups to daily deals on storewide products to exclusive perks for loyal customers, it’s clear why Sears upholds a long reputation for excellence. While it offers the top products across all industries—from clothing to appliances to personal electronics—it is one of the few retailers that maintains and “old-fashioned” sense of customer service and value.

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Brad’s Deals Has the Secret to Spending Less and Getting More

Brad’s DealsBrad's Deals Blog – We all have that one friend who has an uncanny way of finding the best deals on anything and everything. That person who figured how to go on a weeklong vacation for $100; or tracked down a 50% off coupon for designer sunglasses.

Brad is like that friend for millions of people. He’s so great at finding deals that he launched Brad’s Deals, a company solely dedicated to connecting consumers with great deals. Since its start in 2005, Brad’s Deals has won the hearts of smart shoppers everywhere by offering the best deals across the Internet for that day.

While some websites showcase deals on products they’re selling or items from a specific industry, Brad’s Deals offers coupons and sales across all industries and categories. Plus, because Brad’s Deals doesn’t actually sell anything, their experts can focus solely on scouring the Internet for the best deals that you didn’t know about.

While the deals offered are different everyday, they all seem to be too good to pass up. For example, they feature a sale for a Michael Kors watch at 30% off. Or a Mother’s Birthstone necklace for just $19.99 (originally $79.99). What’s more, Brad’s Deals also features printable coupons—like a 10% off coupon on a TurboTax tax return.

Only like to shop at one or two stores? They also make it easy for those who only shop at their favorite stores. With a search function by major retailer, you are able to see all the promotions and sales for that specific store.

The team at Brad’s Deals also shares regular tips and ideas to save money in their blog. As experts on the best deals, the blog is a great way to re-think smart shopping. For example, their recent post 5 DIY Project That Don’t Save You Money, is an eye-opener for the person who thinks do-it-yourself always means less money.

From handpicked deals to coupons to expert tips, Brad’s Deals is a great resource for anyone looking to save money. Across all industries, it is one of the most unique ways to smart shop and get the most for your hard-earned money.

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Designer Products, Warehouse Prices? Has Them Both

End of Summer SaleLet’s face it: we want the best of both worlds. We want the very best quality products, and we also want the rock-bottom prices. While that’s a hard combination to find at most retailers, has made it their area of expertise for clothing, furniture, household items, technology and more.

So, what’s the catch? Actually, there isn’t one! The online retailer sells new, closeout merchandise that traditional stores aren’t offering anymore. So shoppers can browse from hundreds of top-name products at stellar deals. Plus, unlike other discount retailers, offers deals on a huge variety of products—from designer shoes to high-end furniture to household décor.

Not only do shoppers save money, they also save time with convenient online shopping. Overstock will quickly ship items right to your doorstep without the hassle of navigating crowded stores and shopping malls. Don’t like what you see? The retailer makes it easy with a hassle-free 30-day return policy on new or unopened items.

Getting the best of both worlds is almost always impossible—that’s why is a diamond in the rough. For savvy shoppers looing for designer products at warehouse prices, it’s the one place where you can get it all.

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Designing A Child’s Dreamland with The Land of Nod

Land of Nod Home

The Land of Nod – Colorful rugs. Cute wall art and prints. Sweet closet organizers. When it comes to our little ones, we want their lives to be perfect—starting with their rooms. As any parent knows, decorating a child’s room requires the perfect combination of style and organization to keep your little person’s things from overflowing into a big mess! That’s why so many moms and dads are finding solace in The Land of Nod to seamlessly decorate children’s rooms throughout all phases of childhood.

Owned and operated by Crate and Barrel since 2010, this retailer is more than just a place to buy cute kids’ stuff, it’s rooted in providing high quality, safe products that parents can count on. The owners (dedicated parents themselves) are so committed to safety that all of their products come with an 18-year quality guarantee. The idea is that The Land of Nod products are designed to be investment for your child that will last their entire childhood.

Finding a good product to invest in is no problem. From furniture to storage to toys and gifts, shoppers can find literally anything they need or want to make their child’s room perfect. Plus, their unique designs and commitment to quality make it easy to quickly get what you’re looking for.

Creating the perfect sanctuary for your child to live and grow in is an important process that can become overwhelming for parents. But with the high quality, safety and design standards offered at The Land of Nod, it’s simple to find just the right thing.

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Back to School/Work Blues?

feet of woman in the sea waves on sunset

Back to school/work blues? Don’t cry—summer may be over, but a brand new season is upon us! As it cools down, put away those tank tops and bring out these all time favorite classic denim looks that are perfect for everyone in your family.

Levi Logo

Dapper Denim Dudes

Men of all ages and sizes love denim jeans—whether dressed up or down, these classic looks never go out of style.

Levi - Shop by Category


jbrandjeans logo

Blue Jean Queens

For the ladies who know that cocktail dresses are overrated, slipping on a pair of these sleek, slimming jeans is the key to looking great without even trying.

jbrandjeans - Little Black Jeans


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Perfect Playground Pants

Kids are meant to get dirty on the playground, so send them off with jeans that will withstand the school year without hurting your wallet.

Gap - Back to School


The Way to Stylish Home Décor – Wayfair

Home is where the heart is, but it’s also where we live, grow and change. So it makes sense that we are constantly trying to update our homes with the latest, high design products. That’s why so many are turning to Wayfair to find the trendiest home goods at the very best price.

From furniture to lighting to storage to children’s décor, they have become the one-stop-shop for all home essentials. While you’re sure to find hot trends by new and cutting-edge designers, like Latitude Run and Mercury Row, you’ll also find great deals. For example, a Savannah Microfiber Barrel Chair is available on clearance for under $120. Plus, Wayfair offers special financing options to make every purchase easy and comfortable.

Whether you’re moving into a new place or rejuvenating your existing home, Wayfair is a go-to spot for every household item you need—in any style you gravitate toward. The online retailer makes it easy to browse for what best fits your space and budget to make your home comfortable and fashionable.

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Wayfair, LLC is an American e-commerce company that sells furniture. Formerly known as CSN Stores, the company was founded in 2002, and now sells many other home furnishings, luggage, toys, and pet items.