Cue the Fireworks! It’s July 4th!

Cue the fireworks! The Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means now is the time to grab some of the hottest deals in the U.S. From summer fashion to BBQ products, don’t miss out on this season’s greatest deals!


Red Hot Fashion – Whether in the pool or in the office, the summer heat brings a new wave of fashion finds to look cool all season long, no matter where you are.


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BBQ Party Time – Grill masters unite! It’s officially the time of year to get the grill out and start a BBQ party. Kick it up a notch with these cutting-edge products that are sure to impress!


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Let’s Get Technical – Staying cool indoors? Enjoy the latest in technology with these fun products to keep everyone entertained and happy all summer long.


This Month is All About Dad – Father’s Day

Father’s Day, 2016

Move over ladies, this month is all about Dad. Father’s Day is the one time every year that we get to celebrate and honor our dads—so this year, go all out! Surprise Dad with an original gift this year to show him just how much you love and appreciate him.


Father's Day 2016

Daals for Dads


Tech-Dad – If your father loves tech gadgets, The Sharper Image is a one-stop-shop for the latest in electronics. From grooming to grilling to golfing, they have a huge selection of one-of-a-kind tech products that your dad is sure to love.

Outdoor Dad – Do you have memories of a camping-obsessed dad who always wanted to take the family to explore the “great outdoors?” With a gift from REI, he can be one step closer to that dream. They offer the ultimate gifts for climbing, camping, biking and all things outdoors.

Fresh Faced Dad – For the father who enjoys a good shave, bring it back to basics. Harry’s is growing in popularity with men everywhere because of their dedication to quality and affordability. Get dad a top of the line razor or shave plan without hurting your wallet.

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Independent Artisans + One-Of-A-Kind Products = The Wonderful World of Etsy

As shoppers everywhere know, big box stores are great for convenience¾but not so great for originality. Now more than ever, it seems that major retailers carry the same items, making it near impossible to find unique, one-of-a-kind purchases. That’s why shoppers are flocking to online marketplace Etsy. Reserved for talented independent artisans and designers, the website offers consumers a direct link to high-quality, truly unique (and affordable!) products online.

Founded in 2005, Etsy has since shot up in popularity and introduced a completely new kind of shopping experience for consumers around the world. The company is a leader among online retailers and currently hosts 1.5 million sellers and sells to 21 million buyers in nearly every country in the world. That’s because it has something for everyone¾from a handmade Australian Opal and Diamond Ring to handmade Personalized Monogrammed Striped Polka Dot Christmas Dog Pajamas. The website offers handmade and vintage products in all categories, including clothing, household items, wedding products, art, and even handmade food!

While the one-of-a-kind items are a great benefit, consumers also love the direct connection they have with the artisans and craftspeople that are making their products. As most products are handmade to order, designers and customers can communicate directly about the product, when they need it, or even special deals the designer may be offering. The ability to know where your products are being made (and with what materials), adds tremendous value to purchases and gives customers peace-of-mind about how they’re spending their money. Plus, consumers can review designers and shopping experiences to add anther level of transparency for shoppers.

With so many products, Etsy can also be a fun place to browse and discover new products and designers. The website features a blog and Etsy Finds newsletter to showcase editor’s picks and share updates with shoppers. Plus, shoppers can explore the Trending Now function to stay in the loop on the latest items people love. Etsy also offers traditional gift cards and registries on their website¾enabling consumers to have options while supporting the high-quality products made by independent designers.

For shoppers tired of the “same old, same old,” Etsy has proven to be a great new option. A huge variety, one-of-a-kind handmade/vintage products, and a direct link to independent designers and craftspeople, it’s hard to find a reason not to love Etsy.

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