Summer is in Full Bloom

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One look outside and it’s clear: Summer is in full bloom—and so should your wardrobe!  Whether you’re jetting off to a tropical island or keeping it local, make sure you are doing it in fashion!


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Summer Romance

Stroll through the park on a warm summer night with your sweetheart in these hot looks.

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Island Chic

Give the term “beach bum” a whole new meaning as you soak up the sun in style on your next getaway.

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Effortlessly Cool

It’s hot out there, so stay cool, calm and fashionably collected as you make your way through the heat.

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Why Tech Savvy Shoppers Choose Dynamism


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Lately it seems that technology is moving so fast that big box stores just can’t keep up. The latest innovations slowly trickle into their aisles, leaving shoppers stuck with the not-so-latest products. Instead of getting left behind, many are turning to online retailer Dynamism for the most cutting-edge technology products in the world.

Specializing in high-performance PCs, 3-D printers and high-performance gadgets, the site is a great place to find deals on one-of-a-kind products. For example, shoppers can find the Double Robot  (1st gen) mobile teleconferencing system on closeout for under $2,000. For travelers and photography enthusiasts, Dynamism is one of the few places to find the Autographer wearable, intelligent camera that knows the exact right moment to snap a shot.

Beyond their superior products, Dynamism also stands out for their customer service. Shoppers have unlimited access to support professionals to assist with questions, billing, returns and troubleshooting. They also offer a “Rescue Service Warranty” on select items to cover the cost of shipping to their headquarters for repairs, if needed.

For the latest, sleekest products in the tech sphere, it’s no wonder savvy shoppers are choosing Dynamism for computers, printers, scanners and unique gadgets.


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Beauty Products Are Blossoming with ULTA Beauty

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For ladies searching for the perfect moisturizer, lipstick, shampoo (or any cosmetic under the sun!), the struggle is real. It can be challenging —not to mention expensive—to find the perfect products for your face and skin to achieve the look you’re after. To make things easier, ladies everywhere are looking to ULTA Beauty for a huge selection of salon-quality cosmetics that make them shine.

Offering more than 20,000 products and 500 brands, the retailer is growing in popularity as the go-to place for all makeup, fragrance, skin care, hair care and nail products. With top-tier brands like Smashbox, Dolce&Gabbana and Michel Mercier, shoppers have the luxury of choosing the best brand that meets their needs and budget.

Plus, ULTA is one of the few cosmetics retailers that offers salon services at their retail locations. Shoppers can select hair, nail, skin, makeup and brow services for a hot look done by a professional. It’s also a great way to try out their top products and get answers to beauty questions during personal consultations.

Whether you’re sticking with your tried and true look or on the hunt for a new one, finding the perfect cosmetic products can be downright hard. But with so many brands, fresh collections and services at ULTA Beauty offered at reasonable prices, ladies everywhere are having fun finding new and effective ways to feel beautiful

Minted Offers High Design in Half the Time

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Despite all the technology we have at our fingertips, nothing quite compares to the satisfaction of receiving a crisp, beautiful invitation in the mail. Whether it’s for a wedding, a baby shower or a fun party, a creative paper invitation is a timeless treasure to send and receive. But who has the time to create paper invitations anymore? Nobody. That’s why people are turning to Minted to find stationery, art, and invitations with original designs from professional artists around the world.

Dedicated to cutting-edge designs and fresh looks, Minted partners with select artists to feature their original work on stationery of all variations—from announcements to agendas to business cards. It’s a fun way to find something truly unique and beautiful to mark a special occasion. Plus, communication is fast and easy with designers and support staff to ensure every detail is perfect and meets your custom needs before it is printed and delivered to your doorstep.

The designs at Minted don’t stop at stationery or artwork—they also offer unique home décor items, like pillows, curtains and lampshades made with one-of-a-kind pints and fabrics. For those who like high-design without the fuss, the handpicked designs are a great option to decorate your home fast and affordably.

When it comes to special occasions, events and home décor, design matters. It sets the tone and can inspire great things to happen. Now, it’s never been easier to find creative, striking designs to represent the look, feel and personality of your space thanks to Minted’s carefully curated selections. They’ve done the hard work, so you can sit back and shop for the perfect design that meets your needs any day of the year.

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