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If you’ve ever found the perfect item online only to discover that its U.S. seller doesn’t ship internationally—and if they do, you end up paying a lot more than U.S. shoppers pay for the same item because of high shipping and import charges—you’ve already experienced the frustration.

But did you know there’s a fast, easy way to solve both problems? Simply get your own U.S. mailing address right here at USAOPEN and then “shop ‘til you drop” while saving money on the things you buy and on shipping fees.

Here’s how it works…

You become a member of USAOPEN to get your own U.S. address. You buy from the U.S the things you want from the retailers you choose, saving up to 80% in the process. We do the rest.

  • We get your package from the retailers, unpack and inspect it for accuracy and condition, and then repack it for safe, insured shipment to the international address you give us.
  • We can store your purchase until you arrive in the U.S. or forward it to the overseas destinations you give us.
  • We’ve partnered with top-rated international freight companies so we can pass the savings on to you.

Duty & Tax Informtion

Although the majority of goods imported into Saudi Arabia are exempt from import restrictions, many are still subject to customs duty. In general, basic consumer products, including rice and sugar, are duty free. Customs duties of 20% are imposed on selected imported commodities, to provide protection for developing national industries. Import duty on other items is 5% ad valorem on the cost, insurance, freight (CIF) value and is effective immediately.

This information is subject to change, please check with your local customs office for current information.

Some Items That Cannot Be Shipped

  • Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA (Intl. Air Transport Association)
  • Any item contrary to the Royal Family, Saudi Arabian or Muslim beliefs or morality
  • Goods either shipped from or manufactured in Israel are completely banned
  • Alcohol and alcohol related items
  • Items of human concealment such as: masks, artificial pearls, etc.
  • Items used for gambling or games of chance
  • Stuffed animals and pokemon toys
  • Any items which depict or display the female anatomy (other than for strict medical purposes)
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Watches which have cameras attached to them

Additional items and information can be found at DHL import restrictions for Saudi Arabia

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