Shop at Amazon.Com, Pay U.S. Prices and Ship What You Buy to the United Kingdom for Less

This couple is opening box they bought from Amazon!FOUR GREAT REASONS TO SHOP AMAZON.COM FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM:

  • Amazon has it all—from Ab Rollers to Zumba—at more affordable prices when compared to the prices that The United Kingdoms usually pay for the same items
  • At you can buy direct from the Amazon warehouse or from private U.S.-based sellers who list their merchandise on the site
  • Amazon supports an abundance of charitable efforts across the globe
  • Amazon’s ecological practices are praiseworthy

It’s no secret that is one of The United Kingdom’s favorite overseas virtual retail destinations.

The fact is that you can buy almost anything at—books, clothing, DVDs, headphones, jewelry, the Kindle, kitchenware and toys—and have it shipped it to The United Kingdom by way of your very own address.

Get a Virtual USA shipping address today & ship to The United Kingdom for less

Nothing’s easier! Whenever you run up against and other merchants that won’t ship the items you want to The United Kingdom, simply use your virtual USA shipping address to order and then have the items forwarded to your address in The United Kingdom from there.

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The Delivery Forwarding service lets you shop in peace anywhere in the U.S. regardless of your credit card address. Here, in 4 simple steps, is how to get your own virtual USA address so you can shop in the U.S. and ship the
items to The United Kingdom:

  1. Select the membership that reflects your shopping lifestyle (Standard membership for occasional shoppers; Premium membership for frequent shoppers to get 90 days of stateside storage, orders consolidation, and box reduction services, too.
  2. Use your US address to ship to your suite in our warehouse. We will ship to The United Kingdom from your Suite ID address.
  3. Start shopping! When ordering with U.S. retailers, use your US Suite ID address as your Shipping Address and your credit card address as your Billing Address.
  4. When a U.S. retailer sends your order to your virtual USA address, will let you know when it arrives. When it does, simply login to your account to request the package forwarded.


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