Frequently Asked Questions

What do I receive by becoming a Member?

You receive an actual US mailing address to be used when making purchase; full control of your incoming and outgoing parcels online, with the ability to monitor, request and pay for shipments all at once, using a major credit card. Also, you can also use your U.S. mailing address to open and maintain US based Accounts, Memberships, Subscriptions and Services. Additionally many international based businesses use the address to represent a global presence.

How do I shop with my U.S. address?

Use your shipping address when making online purchases so we may receive parcels on your behalf. When your parcels are received they are added to your online account within 24 hours. Select and pay for the parcels to be forwarded; track your parcels from your request to your front door.

Are there any additional fees to use USAOPEN?

There are no hidden fees with USAOPEN’s service.

What types of Memberships are offered and what are your shipping rates?

USAOPEN offers two Membership options: Premium Membership has a $10.00 monthly Membership fee while Standard Membership has a one time $5.00 Account Set Up fee. These fees must be paid with a major credit card. Click here for additional information.

Shipping rates per country can be found on our Shipping Calculator page.

How long does the sign up process take?

The sign up process takes only a few minutes. Once you complete the registration process, you will immediately be provided your US mailing address and shortly after receive an email with your new account information (to access and activate).

What type of address will I have?

Each client uses a unique address. The address is not a PO Box; common carriers are able to deliver to your address. Your address will look similar to:

John Doe
3422 SW 15 Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Who can receive items with my address?

We can only receive parcels for the account holder. We cannot accept items in other people’s names. We can; however, receive items for a spouse or children of the account holder.

How do I get my purchases to my USAOPEN?

When you make a purchase from a US retailer, provide the address as your shipping information. You will need to make sure to provide them your suite number and the full name that was used when creating the account. Sometimes it is also important to contact your credit card company so you can add this address as a viable “ship to” address.

How does USAOPEN know that the parcel they are receiving is for me?

Your parcels are identified by your assigned suite number and your name on the parcel label.

How long does it take USAOPEN to update my account with incoming shipments?

Once USAOPEN receives your items they will be entered into your online account within 1 business day of receipt.

What is Consolidation and box reduction?

Consolidation is the process of packaging multiple items into one box. Consolidation of packages and the Reduction /Elimination of boxes to one shipping box are a benefit of Premium Membership. With this service, Members can save up to 82% in shipping fees.

How long can I store my parcels?

Premium Members can store items for 90 days free of charge. Standard Members cannot store items beyond 30 days.

Which carrier do you use to ship my goods?

We only ship with DHL and FedEx for all international shipments and FedEx for domestic.

Do you ship packages with United States Postal Service?

Premium Membership have the ability to request small and low value packages shipped via USPS Express Mail International (EMI) and USPS Priority. Please contact for more information.

How does USAOPEN know what to ship me and when?

Once your items are received, login to your account, access your inventory, review update the package description and value. Select the package and click the payment button. Your package will typically ship within two business days.

Are there any countries that USAOPEN does not serve?

We provide service to over 240 countries and territories, including the US. Our service countries list is available for your review on the Shipping Calculator page of the site.

Are my parcels insured?

Inbound parcels need to be insured by the shipper. USAOPEN will insure your outbound parcels for up to $300 at no cost. However, additional insurance can be purchased for $2.90 per $100 in value and must be requested by email prior to a package being forwarded.

How long will it take for me to receive my parcels?

Typical international transit is 3-5 business days; however, some products and documents may require additional Transit Time to allow for import/export clearance.

Does the size of a shipment impact the shipping cost?

Yes, USAOPEN complies with International shipping carrier standard shipping weight calculation which is the greater of 1) the actual weight or 2) the dimensional weight. As of January 1, 2012 dimensional weight is calculated in Inches/Pounds – (length * width * height)139 and in CMKG – (length * width * height)5000

Can you mark my item as a gift or reduce the value of it to help me avoid duties and taxes?

No. It is against US regulations to inaccurately report the value of an exported item, Members are required to review and confirm all descriptions and values for each parcel prior to shipping.

How are the exact values of my purchase determined by USAOPEN?

USAOPEN enters the description and value based on the documents provided with the shipment. Members are required to confirm/update the description and value prior to shipping.

Do you offer a rewards program?

Yes. “Member Rewards” is a benefit for our Premium Members. For every $1 you spend in shipping with us, you earn 1 Member Reward point.

Reward points can be used for Shipping by Premium Members

How are you able to provide such a competitive price for international shipping?

USAOPEN has been able to negotiate discounted rates with shipping partners due to our high volume of shipments.

Are there any fees to manage my U.S. postal service mail?

Mail services are a benefit of the Premium Membership. Forwarding rates can be found on our Shipping Rates page and scan email services are available at $10.00 per letter.

Are there additional fees for shipping destinations in an extended or remote area?

For destinations designated by our carriers a $35.00 fee will be charged for each shipped parcel.

Can I pay by check, money order and PayPal?

No. We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Does USAOPEN shipping fees include duties and taxes?

No. USAOPEN’s price includes a full door-to-door transportation cost, however, there may be additional duties and taxes charged by customs via the carrier in the destination country. These charges are the responsibility of our Members to pay upon receipt of the goods.

Are there any additional fees to use USAOPEN?

There are no hidden fees with USAOPEN’s service.

How do I use my USAOPEN Promo Code?

USAOPEN Promo Codes are entered at the last part of the registration process, prior to requesting your U.S. Address. It is important to know the membership type for the promotional code you are using, as promo codes are specific to membership types. When entered correctly, a brief description of the promotion will appear.

How long will it take for USAOPEN to respond to customer service inquiries?

USAOPEN responds to inquiries within 1 business day, Monday – Friday during the hours of 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST.

Many US Retailers won’t accept my international credit card. Is there any way around this?

You can set up your USAOPEN address as a secondary address to your current card. This will allow US retailers to see a domestic address on your credit card or use our Personal Shopper service.

3422 SW 15 Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Toll Free: 001.954.903.1647