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At USAOPEN.com our reputation is built on exceptional service and a positive customer experience. Your satisfaction with our USA virtual address service is our top priority. Our professional, knowledgeable, and highly trained associates will make sure your experience is efficient, timely, and specific to your needs.

Throughout our history, USAOPEN.com’s unique business model and partner network have evolved with the needs of our customers. Our small package and large freight shipping capabilities enable us to assist customers transport any and all kinds of goods all over the world using their US address for shipping.

USAOPEN.com is a subsidiary of L2 Global Services, a company built on integrity, dependability and accessibility. For over 20 years we have cultivated priceless relationships with the most trusted names in the logistics business. Having “partnered” with these leaders, we have thus been able to secure and pass along not only a multitude of cost effective options in shipping, but a strong sense of confidence that we are offering them the best of what is out there today. With the resources to ship to over 240 countries and territories, by land, air or sea, we look forward to assisting you with any and all of your shipping needs as you get a US address through our company.

Consult with a USAOPEN associate  to see how you can benefit from our multiple purchasing, consolidating and shipping options designed to meet your needs. Join thousands of other satisfied customers who benefit from our well-trained, friendly staff.